Let Food by Thy Medicne – Never a truer word

I have started working late nights, but my job allows me to listen to podcasts whilst I work. Ok maybe doesnt allow me, but its how I make my work a lot happier. Since lockdown, my therapies were shut so I took a night time at home job working on emails and I have been listening to some amazing podcasts and youtube interviews.

My latest is Dr William Li, author of the book – Eat to beat disease and he has some amazing information. When he talked about looking at food as medicne rather than mindlessly eating to just fill the stomach, just makes you think more about what everything you eat is doing to your body. Is it feeding the cancer cells or is it helping gut health.

I am always surpised when people look at everything else before they look at their food. I know personally food effects me greatly and well not so greatly.

My take from what he talks about and I can implement into my day was 8 ounces of pomegranate juice – tick, hot chocolate a day (raw cacauo so not your cadburies chocolate) tick, salads tick. I personally am plant based but he recommends fish, although after Seaspiracy on Netflix I would highly unrecommend.

Cbd oil delivery service

Was out delivering yesterday… three totally different conditions. ..adhd in a little boy…arthritis in a dog and leukaemia in an elderly lady…. all will benefit… I find animals it works so quick with and not much is needed… I’m always amazed by this #cbd #cannabis #hemp #energy #reiki #marijuana #spiritualgoal https://www.instagram.com/p/CNUGRc1MzZZ/?igshid=1fr5krpl2fhok

My reiki distance healings

I started my reiki journey in 2006 and over the years have gone down various roads. I always come back to healings and energy work. I started a little group in lockdown for my clients and friends on Facebook to offer free distance healings. I am still bewildered each time I do these as to the powerful effects it can have. Just affirms to me that time is irrelevant and we are all connected.

Reiki is a wonderful self healing discipline and is such a gift to be able to share with others.

Shaolin Qi Gong

Have just finished the six day training at home. I am just obsessed with this man, he is such a wise and beautiful human being. I am soaking up his word and teachings. He has some great talks and exercises on youtube and they are all free so no excuse for not practicing. I am about to restart from day one and do it again. My legs actually feel stronger in just six days.

My Qi Gong Practice

This is me in my little therapy room practicing my Qi Gong.

Qi gong for most people can seem such a boring exercise as it can be slow and mindful movements correlating the breath with each movement. If you find sitting doing meditation boring then this is an upgrade as your meditating on movement and breath.

If you practice a simple 15 minute routine every day, I suggest morning as if your anything like me then you just wont do much at night time. 30 day Challenge (i just love a time limit challenge) You will be able to feel the energy of the body and you are just sure to feel more relaxed after doing this and a little more flexible in the spine which is always a good thing.

Let me know what you think, there is many more Qi Gong videos to follow on youtube so please dont just follow mine.

Law Of Attraction Planner

For my Xmas I recieved a wonderful gift (courtesy of me ordering it for myself) in the hope I would stick to my goals. The Law of Attraction Planner and boy what a planner it is. A lot of thought went into this one and you def need a lot of time to really think about what you want out of life, yes its that deep.

I start my goals (mini challenges) on the 10th January, which gives me time to slowly ease out of the festivity of eating junk, junk and a side of junk. There is a page which you write 50 of your goals, jesh who has 50 goals? I am adding mini goals to my list after watching some youtube videos of other people who have also bought the planner.

My mini challenges to myself are 30 days No Wheat…Vegan(been vegetarian for 30 odd years but damn Galaxy chocolate keeps me from attaining my goal)….Qi Gong Daily for 7 days (roped my dear ole mother into this one)….No Tv 7 days (day 2….have painted rooms, walked bridge, read my book, cleared out nearly every room in house…keeping busy and writing little blog posts whilst trying not to look at what everyone else is watching.

My bigger goals are to do with my business and my sustainability projects and more and the fact that at the end of each month you review your month so it keeps you on track to achieve all your goals.

So looking for a planner i’d def recommend this one and wish you all the best of staying positive and working hard towards your dreams


Cut Thru Technique – Heart Math

Meganni Franklyn

I have been using the HearthMath tools for sometime now and I find them to be beneficial in regards to my emotional wellbeing.  I also bought some of their books and find their techniques really useful.

Below is the Cut – Thru technique, I found it most useful when thinking about a problem I have, then imagining my close friend having this dilemma and what advise I would give them.  I always think we are so good and advising others but never too great at taking our own advise.

A HeartMath TIP:

Cut-Thru: Here’s a simple exercise adapted from the HeartMath Cut-Thru technique to help you achieve emotional coherence, which has been shown to improve the efficiency of the immune system.

  • Be aware of how you feel about an issue at hand.
  • Breathe a positive feeling or attitude.
  • Be objective, as if the issue or problem is someone else’s.
  • Rest…

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HeartMath Shop

Personally, I have been using heartmath products for years now. When my anxiety was at a bit of a high and I was reading up books upon books and doing hypnosis and other relaxation therapies I discovered HeartMath. They say the universe always looks out for you and it certainly does.

I found the heartmath innerbalance to be a godsend and a great tool for children too. Trying to get kids into meditation can be quite a task but if there is a cool gadget involved then it is much more fun.

emWave2 Charcoal Gray

emWave Pro

Extra Ordinary Human

Meganni Franklyn

Listening to Gregg Braden Live just now, he is just opening up my tiny mind to this New world.  I have read his book ‘The Divine Matrix’ and was fascinated by this book, his talks on Gaia.com are amazing.  His beliefs on Healing through thought alone and to change our lives and relationships, heal our bodies, and bring peace to our families and nations requires a simple yet precise shift in the way we use belief.

Fact 1: The universe, our world, and our bodies are made of a shared field of energy that was scientifically recognized in the 20th century and is now identified by names that include the field, the quantum hologram, the mind of God, nature’s mind, and the Divine Matrix.’
• Fact 2: In the field of the Divine Matrix, “things” that have been connected physically and then separated act as if they are still linked…

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Meganni Franklyn

I try not to read the News, I know to a lot of people that sounds quite ignorant but I find that its all bad news and really effects me in a negative way.  So in order to raise my vibration I am sitting here reading all these beautiful stories from around the world which shows humans compassion to one another and of course my favourite, the good old soppy animal stories that cant help but lift your spirits.

Here is the story of the Therapy dog….Ahhhhhhhhhh

sherman therapy dogsherman therapy dog

Therapy Dog Stuck In Traffic Jam Helps A Man Who Desperately Needed A Hug
January 31, 2018

Sherman is a 4-year-old, 230 pound Old English Mastiff who lives with his family in Longview, Washington. He’s also a therapy dog who loves to visit with anyone who could use a smile or is in need of having their spirits lifted.
Sherman focuses most of…

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