Have a vision

I always hear this within the law of attraction. Visualise it, feel it, believe it and it will happen.

In my life I realised this was true when I had a horrible experience which I later on realised was the universe working for me.

I had been day dreaming about having a home in a secluded area, not too far from town but far enough to feel like I was in the country. It had to be secluded as the house I was in was bang in the centre of town with no privacy, I had kids peering in my livingroom window at night! I was surrounded by junkies and noise of the clubs coming out at night!

I just didn’t like where I lived and I kept telling everyone how much I wanted this new house i had been visualising. Then out of the blue a knock at the door and there was an official looking man with documents to say I was being evicted. The landlord had sold my home without telling me. I had six weeks to move. I broke down into tears and phoned my friend who told me – “but this is what u wanted why are you crying” oh God so it was but not like this, it is out of my control.

I frantically looked and looked for some place to stay, I was just about to look at a town house when one of my clients drove past and asked what I was doing in this part of town. I told her I needed a house but just couldn’t find one, she then told me she had just viewed a house but It was too big for just her. She described it to me and I knew that was the one. She gave me the number of the landlord and I called him and told him I wanted his house. Without viewing it I packed up all our belongings(okay the husband did) and thw next day we were outside the house.

I can’t believe it, it is in the area I wanted, it is secluded yet near town. I have horses going by my window now and a beautiful view of the country, my back garden is secluded.

I sat outside the new house and suddenly it all dawned on me. The universe always delivers in unexpected ways in its own time. Everything that happened was happening for me. When I took the time to look back over my life this kind of thing has always happened.

One thing to be careful of when you know how it works is to be careful what you wish for……cause you just may get it.

Author: Inner Work Can Suck

We are all made up of energy and are all connected on this earth. Science and modern medicine are finally catching up, thanks to quantum theory, and recognizing that ENERGY IS MEDICNE. Thoughts and emotions are energy and change our energy fields and those around us so we as individuals need to do what we can to raise our vibration so that as a whole we can have an impact on Earth. I am a Complementary therapist who discovered natural healing through suffering and hope to give hope to other people that they too can heal themselves.

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