Watch “Hopi Ear Candle” on YouTube – my video on the benefits

I just love Hopi Ear candle treatment. There are so. Many wonderful healing benefits that go way beyond the physical.

My video on the benefits of this treatment are above. I am in the middle of designing a training course for this treatment. I have been qualified since about 2007 and it’s such a great treatment to both give and receive.

My kids have been getting this treatment since they were just 3 years old. When my daughter is one plane she used to scream so bad as her ears hurt when landing. If I give her hopi ear candle the night before we fly she has little pain. She also just loves this treatment. I know 3 years old sounds so young but if your child is able to lie down without too much wriggling then it’s a fab treatment for them.

Benefits include: ear wax removal, eases sinusitis and labrynthitis, tension and migraine headaches reduction in pain, relaxation and much more. Cleanse and detoxification.

You can purchase hopu Ear candles online but I wouldn’t advise doing this yourself as can be dangerous.

Author: Inner Work Can Suck

We are all made up of energy and are all connected on this earth. Science and modern medicine are finally catching up, thanks to quantum theory, and recognizing that ENERGY IS MEDICNE. Thoughts and emotions are energy and change our energy fields and those around us so we as individuals need to do what we can to raise our vibration so that as a whole we can have an impact on Earth. I am a Complementary therapist who discovered natural healing through suffering and hope to give hope to other people that they too can heal themselves.

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