Let Food by Thy Medicne – Never a truer word

I have started working late nights, but my job allows me to listen to podcasts whilst I work. Ok maybe doesnt allow me, but its how I make my work a lot happier. Since lockdown, my therapies were shut so I took a night time at home job working on emails and I have been listening to some amazing podcasts and youtube interviews.

My latest is Dr William Li, author of the book – Eat to beat disease and he has some amazing information. When he talked about looking at food as medicne rather than mindlessly eating to just fill the stomach, just makes you think more about what everything you eat is doing to your body. Is it feeding the cancer cells or is it helping gut health.

I am always surpised when people look at everything else before they look at their food. I know personally food effects me greatly and well not so greatly.

My take from what he talks about and I can implement into my day was 8 ounces of pomegranate juice – tick, hot chocolate a day (raw cacauo so not your cadburies chocolate) tick, salads tick. I personally am plant based but he recommends fish, although after Seaspiracy on Netflix I would highly unrecommend.

Author: Inner Work Can Suck

We are all made up of energy and are all connected on this earth. Science and modern medicine are finally catching up, thanks to quantum theory, and recognizing that ENERGY IS MEDICNE. Thoughts and emotions are energy and change our energy fields and those around us so we as individuals need to do what we can to raise our vibration so that as a whole we can have an impact on Earth. I am a Complementary therapist who discovered natural healing through suffering and hope to give hope to other people that they too can heal themselves.

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