Using Oils to Calm and Relax after a busy day.

Meganni Franklyn

I was speaking to my neighbour recently about what she could do to relax as she was stressed out with work and as I reeled off the masses of relaxation techniques that I use, we got onto the topic of essential oils.

She, like many others I speak to, she was not convinced they work.  I knew that she was trying to stop smoking and so I asked her if she had a patch on, which she replied yes.  “So you pop a patch onto your skin and you just believe this is doing what it is saying it is”…then a lightbulb went on and she realised that what we put onto our skin absorbs into our body.

I rattled off some of the ones I would use for helping to relax and unwind after a busy day  and the various methods that you can use the oils.

My top…

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Essential oils for cleaning

Meganni Franklyn

Some essential oils used in the home for cleaning, they are a natural option and smell amazing.

1. Lemon
Loved for its light, clean scent, this essential oil is also a powerhouse in homemade cleaning recipes. Naturally antibacterial and antiviral, lemon is commonly used to degrease stubborn stains as well as freshen the air. Use it to deodorize your fridge, clean the floor or combine 10 drops with 1/2 cup olive oil for a natural wood or leather polish.

2. Lavender

One of the best-smelling naturally antibacterial essential oils is lavender. Lavender pairs well with another common natural cleaner, vinegar. Just add 4-5 drops of lavender to your vinegar cleaning mixture for its natural antibacterial properties – and for a more bearable scent. Harness lavender’s soothing scent in homemade dish soap and linen spray to elevate washing dishes and laundry day.

3.  Eucalyptus
This natural germicide is a powerful dust…

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Buteyko Breathing

Meganni Franklyn

Listening to Ben Greenfield at A fest give out some amazing hacks from ancient snd modern science about how to live life at an optimal level and one of his many many strategies is Buteyko Breathing.

So I started researching and practicing this type of breathing.

Bullet Proof Dave asprey had Buteyko therapist and author Patrick Mckeown on his podcast talking and demonstrating the techniques. It was such a fascinating podcast.

In the 1950s, Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Buteyko identified over 150 disorders which could be resolved by normalising the breathing, and spent the next three decades developing breathiing exercises and strategies to achieve this.

The Buteyko Method of breathing re-training has now been taught over the past 20 years as a highly effective, drug-free education process which helps normalise and improve the breathing, reducing the symptoms of many common disorders. By learning the method, you can experience the medical…

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Watch “Hopi Ear Candle” on YouTube – my video on the benefits

I just love Hopi Ear candle treatment. There are so. Many wonderful healing benefits that go way beyond the physical. My video on the benefits of this treatment are above. I am in the middle of designing a training course for this treatment. I have been qualified since about 2007 and it’s such a great […]

Watch “Hopi Ear Candle” on YouTube – my video on the benefits

Box Breathing – If its good enough for Navy Seals…

Originally posted on Meganni Franklyn Therapies: Navy Seals train hard and not just on their bodies but on their minds too.  They have to be able to stay calm in the most frightening of situations.  What if we could learn to do it to so that we can better handle our emotions and our busy…

Box Breathing – If its good enough for Navy Seals…

What Can be done to support Immunity

This article is taken from my Higher Nature herbal Account and it is help and advice on how you may want to boost your immune system. Prevention is better than cure. There is a range of immune supporting supplements and I am sure you are aware of the most common ones, namely vitamins C, D, […]

What Can be done to support Immunity

Can Massage Really help with my Mental health??

Massage has a huge number of benefits to ALL the systems of the body. By massaging and relaxing the muscles there is a domino effect to all the other systems of the body. We also bring about a relaxation that brings the body into homeostasis, a place of balance where the body can repair and […]

Can Massage Really help with my Mental health??

Reflexology for Digestive Issues

There is a number of reasons why people suffer from digestive issues, the most prominent will be diet and lifestyle. However emotions can have such a big impact on your digestive system as well. Anyone who has ever suffered with anxiety will know that the digestive system can be put under tremendous stress.

Reflexology is an amazing therapy for bringing balance and harmony to this system.

As a reflexologist I would work on your digestive system as below but also on every system of the body.

The digestive organ reflex:

  • Mouth, teeth, and jaw – Teeth reflex are below the big toenails in dorsal aspect. Jaw reflex is below the big toe joint in the dorsal aspect.
  • Esophagus – reflex is from the big toe base to the diaphragm line.
  • Stomach – reflexes are in both foot from the diaphragm until waistline; in zone 1 (for right foot) and zone 1 to 4 (for left foot).
  • Liver and gallbladder – reflex is on the right foot only; from the diaphragm until waistline, in zones 3 to 5.
  • Pancreas – reflex is below stomach reflex on both foot; in zone 1 (for right foot) and zones 1 to 4 (for left foot).
  • Small intestine – reflex is on both right and left foot; in zone 1 to 4, from waistline until the pelvic line.
  • Large intestine – reflex is on both right and left foot; in zone 1 to 5, from waistline until the pelvic line.

I know from the vast amount of research that’s out there now – reflexology can profoundly affect the parasympathetic nervous system and has the greatest potential to reduce stress.
It’s useful to “listen” very carefully to what the feet will tell you here. Any changes in tissue texture found on the arch will add the digestive system to my menu of reflex areas to detail in the session.
And, for self-help, the access we have to the “soft belly” or arch of the foot is such that it’s almost made to rest our hand and scoop into it.
Even a few minutes of general work can make a difference. But, when you detail the specific reflexes research proves that our effectiveness can increase threefold!

Little video from part of my Reflexology Course is available free here

If you wish to learn Reflexology I have a Fully Accredited Course available on offer just now Here

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