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Personally, I have been using heartmath products for years now. When my anxiety was at a bit of a high and I was reading up books upon books and doing hypnosis and other relaxation therapies I discovered HeartMath. They say the universe always looks out for you and it certainly does.

I found the heartmath innerbalance to be a godsend and a great tool for children too. Trying to get kids into meditation can be quite a task but if there is a cool gadget involved then it is much more fun.

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Terrified at dentist. Practice

Sitting in the dentist waiting room awaiting treatment. It isn’t the nicest feeling that I am creating for myself at this present moment. The heart beating faster with every sound of the drill, the smell of mouth wash making my hands sweat.

So this is the perfect time to Practice heart coherence.

Pause and I’ll get back to you in a moment…………………

So I am feeling calm, even though I am still in this waiting room. I am focused on breathing in slowly as if the breath is going into my heart and my positive feeling is a visual of my blonde haired blue eyed little boy and the smell of his beautiful hair just out the shower and I’m wrapping him in a cosy towel whilst showering him with little kisses all over his face.

Sustaining this feeling for as long as I am in here. Whenever the sounds snd thoughts disturb me I am using them to go deeper into my breath really slowing it all down.

I am glad I am alone as no one is here to look at my smiling face.

I am so glad I found these techniques as they truly are a god send. Xx

Extra Ordinary Human

Listening to Gregg Braden Live just now, he is just opening up my tiny mind to this New world.  I have read his book ‘The Divine Matrix’ and was fascinated by this book, his talks on Gaia.com are amazing.  His beliefs on Healing through thought alone and to change our lives and relationships, heal our bodies, and bring peace to our families and nations requires a simple yet precise shift in the way we use belief.

Fact 1: The universe, our world, and our bodies are made of a shared field of energy that was scientifically recognized in the 20th century and is now identified by names that include the field, the quantum hologram, the mind of God, nature’s mind, and the Divine Matrix.’
• Fact 2: In the field of the Divine Matrix, “things” that have been connected physically and then separated act as if they are still linked, through a phenomenon known as entanglement.

• Fact 3: Human DNA directly influences what happens in the Divine Matrix in a way that appears to defy the laws of time and space.’

Fact 4: Human belief (and the feelings and emotions surrounding it) directly changes the DNA that affects what occurs in the Divine Matrix.6

• Fact 5: When we shift our beliefs about our bodies and our world, the Divine Matrix translates that change into the reality of our lives!,
The more I hear and read about consciousness from the likes of Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dispenza and such like the more I realise that it all comes down to what we all probably already know, (well if your on this path of consciousness).  So we Ask the Universe, then we create the feelings within our heart and completely believe it, then with gratitude we say Thank you.

We need to filter out all the bullsh*t, the crap we are told, the facebook, snapchat world that is dulling us all down and really look for ourselves and discover what is really true.


Cut Thru Technique – Heart Math

I have been using the HearthMath tools for sometime now and I find them to be beneficial in regards to my emotional wellbeing.  I also bought some of their books and find their techniques really useful.

Below is the Cut – Thru technique, I found it most useful when thinking about a problem I have, then imagining my close friend having this dilemma and what advise I would give them.  I always think we are so good and advising others but never too great at taking our own advise.

A HeartMath TIP:

Cut-Thru: Here’s a simple exercise adapted from the HeartMath Cut-Thru technique to help you achieve emotional coherence, which has been shown to improve the efficiency of the immune system.

  • Be aware of how you feel about an issue at hand.
  • Breathe a positive feeling or attitude.
  • Be objective, as if the issue or problem is someone else’s.
  • Rest peacefully in this neutral state, allowing your heart intelligence new perspectives and possibilities.
  • Soak and relax all resistances and disturbing or perplexing feelings in your heart’s compassion.
  • Ask for guidance, then be patient and receptive. While awaiting an answer from the heart find something or someone to genuinely appreciate.

Power of the Heart

The heart is the very first organ that develops in the embryo. It is then responsible for the formation of the other organs like the brain. What does that tell us? Well, according to the HeartMath institute, not only does the heart respond to the brain, but the brain continuously responds to the heart. Our […]

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