My Anxiety Tool Box

Tools to overcome anxiety

First you must understand the very basic of how the mind works. The Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind.

Conscious Mind

This is the mind that teaches you a new skill. Let’s say for example Driving a Car. First you learn to look in the mirrors, how to work the clutch, the gears, the signals and you learn the rules of the road. You have so much to think about, so you are fully engaged with the conscious mind. Once you have been driving a while you soon don’t have to think about driving, you may find you drive to work and don’t even know how you got there. So how is your mind able to think about other things, such as what your having for tea or where your going out after work whilst your driving?? Your subconscious mind has taken over and has driven you to work. The subconscious mind is in control 95% of your day. So what other programme ‘s have been set into the subconscious mind??

Anxiety? When you think a thought and pop an emotion behind it, it gets stored into your subconscious mind. Lets repeatedly think anxious thought and hey presto…You now have an anxiety disorder? This then leads to avoiding certain situations as that feeling is just too overwhelming to even want to put yourself in that position.

The brain is naturally there to protect you, but when you become anxious over everything, the brain goes into fight or flight. It is simply doing its job.

Okay so that’s all well and good, but how the heck do we reprogramme it. Well the same way you programmed it for anxiety. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat the positive emotion until it is stored into your subconscious brain. How do we do this?? I have a few techniques that I use myself and find that these work. This takes time and practice and lots of patience and a lot of kindness towards yourself. You will have bad days…but just as long as you keep on practicing the techniques then these bad days will be less and less, and you can begin to enjoy your life again.


First and most importantly is BREATHING – So Navy Seals practice a lot of mindful training in order to remain calm in the most dangerous of situations. We are not Navy Seals and are not faced with war but in our mind we might as well be. Practice this technique DAILY – and when your anxiety goes up then you will have this in your TOOL BOX to pull out and help you remain calm

Tool Kit 1


Box breathing is a technique used to calm yourself down with a simple 4 second rotation of breathing in, holding your breath, breathing out, holding your breath, and repeating.

Also known as Navy SEAL breathing technique, or tactical breathing, it’s a surprisingly simple and effective way to help regain calm and control of your thoughts when under stress. – This is a site that will help you with this technique

Tool Box 2 – 54321 (Mel Robbins)

Technique 2 – Anxiety and Excitement are very similar, they just have different thoughts but produce the same feelings. So this next technique is going to teach you to quickly interrupt anxiety in its tracks and pop in a new emotion.

As soon as you feel anxiety, you say to yourself or out loud CHANGE 5,4,3,2,1 and really amplify that good emotion. This interrupts the neural pathways in the brain and installs a new better emotion

Tool Box 3 – Self Talk

Self-Talk – So Vital. Being aware of what you say to yourself daily is so important. Start of by keeping a thought journal so you are aware of the thoughts that are on repeat. We then need new self-talk. Pick an affirmation and repeat this with a strong loving emotion behind it.

Mine is – I am strong, I am calm. I also have a few people that I imagine whilst I say these, and this helps me to feel like if they can do it then so can I.


Books I found very useful – Dr Joe Dispenza – Breaking the habit of being yourself. Mindfulness books – mindfulness-guide-for-the-frazzled.

Mindfulness Meditation is so important, so the nervous system can relax, and we can have a few moments out of living in our head. There is a lot on YouTube to listen to or there is a Headspace app which is very good.

CBD Oil is amazing for helping the mind to relax and helping you sleep.

Essential oils are also very good for anxiety – Lavender or geranium etc

Diet is extremely important. Caffeine, Sugar and Gluten can all cause us to have anxiety. Make sure you are not deficient in certain vitamins and minerals as well. Magnesium deficiency or anaemia can cause the same symptoms as anxiety.

**Note – I am not a medical doctor or counsellor. I am a holistic therapist and a person who has suffered many years with anxiety and I know what works for me and a lot of my clients.

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