My 14 Day Smoothie Ebook – FREE


Woop Woop….Totally Free….My amazing Smoothie Ebook for all my lucky readers.

As a huge thank you for reading my posts and interacting with me I am giving away my little smoothie ebook.

Above is the link to the first every ebook I created after discovering the world of Smoothies.  Years or drinking all sorts of weird and wonderful concoctions with some turning out to be amazing and others not so much, I finally put the ones I found most enjoyable as well as healthy and nutritious and popped them into a little book from my clients to use and now for all my wonderful wordpress friends.

They are easy to follow and let you know some of the health benefits of each one.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and let me know when you try one that you love.x

This is my little boy ages two and with a little help he made his own drink.



The Cleanser

1 ½ cups water, or almond, hemp, or coconut milk

1 cup mixed greens

½ cup berries, fresh or frozen

½ cup corriander

¼ teaspoon turmeric

Dash cinnamon

Juice from 1 lemon


Why is it a cleanser.


**Parsley is full of B Vitamins which are responsible for the energy production from food.

Corriander naturally balances hormones and can be used to treat PMS and cramping.

Turmeric is also the liver’s favourite spice and helps boost liver detox. It does this by assisting enzymes that actively flush out dietary carcinogens. **


Lots more in the book so click on the link above and let me know how you get on.x

My Green Juice Journey – from pain to happiness

Juicing greens isn’t just for adults but kids love them too. I was so surprised that my little boy would drink this one as it wasn’t a sweet smoothie but quite a bitter green juice. He absolutley loved it and really enjoyed making it as well.

Such a great way to add vegetables into their diet.

I started juicing greens for health reasons. I developed neuralgia in my face and constant pins and needles in my hands. At night the pain was just so severe I had to raise my hands over my head as they felt like they were on fire. I had many visits to doctors and had mri scans, I even had healthy teeth taken out as I was just so sure the pain was coming from my teeth.

I was so down and low from the pain and just wasn’t coping with life. To make matters worse I felt like a complete failure as I was a complementary therapist and couldn’t cure myself.

I found a guy called Dan Mcdonald – the life regenerator on YouTube and he talked a lot about juicing and raw foods. I had nothing to loose so I bought a juicer and started juicing. I ate nothing but green juices for three weeks and visited an acupuncturist twice a week and well the pain went away as if it had never been there at all. I also discovered later down the line after getting into meditation that my pain was brought upon me by my thoughts, my over thinking and constant worrying and living in the future.

So I thank my Pain as without that awful time in my life I would never have never discovered juicing and meditation and I would have never realised how important it is to look after ME first.

And now my kids can experience the wonderful benefits of freshly made green juice and amazingly tasty healthy smoothies.

My Smoothies Over the Years

Simple Smoothie even as 2 year old can make.

As a therapist I am always helping others. But I discovered over time that If we don’t firstly look after ourselves then what good are we to anyone else. I have been drinking smoothies everyday for the last 4 years and I absolutely love them and they truly make you feel fabulous. It gets so addictive, trying out new recipes and seeing what sort of flavours you like. It has been trial and error over the years but that is the fun of it all. Although my kids may not agree. But they have been converted and are now making their own.

Some of my recipes.

Very basic just gives you an idea of what you can pop into your smoothie.

Also you don’t need to just stick to a breakfast smoothie, enjoy them throughout the day. I sometimes will pour mine into a big flask if I am out and about. Plus you don’t need to spend £££ on expensive equipment. When you are starting out just buy a blender and get going. Kids love smoothies and is a fabulous way of getting the goodness into them plus they can join in and make them on their own.

  • Frozen Mixed Berries/Bananas/Almond Milk/Dairy Free Yogurt/Honey/Oats.
  • Simple Nutastic Smoothie
    Banana/Hazelnuts and Almond Milk/Tsp Coconut Oil and some agave syrup.
  • Watermelon/Basil/Lime and Frozen Berries. This one surprised me as I don’t like watermelon..I have to admit..I wouldn’t choose to eat fruit. booo..I just wish I loved it but I just don’t…it looks and smells amazing…so I just smoothie mine so I gain all the benefits..Hopefully one day my taste buds will change and I will love to eat it all day long.
  • OK so I heard that chocolate three days before ur monthly cycle is due helps to alleviate symptoms..So Why not drink it. Raw Cacao/ Banana/Chia Seeds/ Dates and Ice was all I needed…oh and agave syrup…It needs to be sweet at these times.x
  • OK so I heard that chocolate three days before ur monthly cycle is due helps to alleviate symptoms..So Why not drink it. Raw Cacao/ Banana/Chia Seeds/ Dates and Ice was all I needed…oh and agave syrup…It needs to be sweet at these times.x
  • As it’s so hot today.. A nice jug of flavoured Water…. saving my smoothies for tonite…
    Mint Lime Melon xx
  • Great pre workout smoothie.._Spinach almond milk apple banana oats coconut oil and cinnamon. Tastes like apple pie
  • My little munchkins fave..he is a little minion and I think I may be one too..the amount of bananas we eat. Simply Banana and melon with some almond milk…one frozen banana/one unfrozen/



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